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About our Solutions

givfin ensures end-to-end seamless customer onboarding journeys through AI-powered facial recognition, liveness detection, OCR, and geo-tagging technologies. Our algorithms function at speed and scale in your customer onboarding process. It helps reduce operational costs by up to 70% and also reduce onboarding time by up to 90%. Banks, NBFCs, Mutual funds, Insurance, Logistics, Telecom Companies, Mobile Wallets, and P2P Marketplaces can use Givfin Digital KYC for seamless customer onboarding journeys.

AI for contactless & quick Digital KYC

Use artificial intelligence & machine learning to create real-time, contactless onboarding journeys.
  • Reduced costs, customisable workflows, compliant processes
  • Preferred Partner
  • Real-time
  • Open Banking
  • Increased Business Agility
  • BREs enable businesses to make decision faster than before, allowing them to react more quickly and efficiently.

Our KYC Process


Digital Documentation & eSign

Replace paper-intensive documentation with digital documentation and e-sign solutions. Use our platform for instant delivery of documents safely to all stakeholders, which by the way verifies the individual and maintains complete audit trail of their journey with you. The algorithm combines the benefits of an advanced document management system with new-age digital signature technology into a single design-led platform that can also be integrated with existing digital capabilities of any lending enterprise.
  • Documents can be prepared and signed 8 times faster.
  • Remote and contactless customer onboarding.
  • Aadhar, an OTP-based sign in.
  • Get conditional, customisable workflows and tamper-proof audit trails.

Our Esign Process

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givfin exposes a set of standard APIs for secure real-time search and access of your digital documents. The e-Document Access Gateway provides a secure online mechanism to access e-documents from various repositories in real-time using the e-Document URI (Uniform Resource Indicator). The URI is a link to the e-Document uploaded by an issuer to a repository. Our API gateway will identify the address of the repository where the e-Document is stored based on the URI and will fetch the e-Document from that repository.

  • An Issuer: An entity that issues e-documents to individuals in a standard format and makes them available electronically, such as the CBSE, Registrar Office, Income Tax Department, and so on.
  • Requester: an entity requesting secure access to a specific e-document stored in a repository (For example, a university, passport office, regional transportation office, and so on).
  • A resident: is an individual who uses the Digital Locker service based on Aadhaar number to store documents like PAN card, Driving Licence, etc.
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Credit bureau

Credit bureau

Credit bureaus in India and all over the world have a primary purpose, which is to analyse financial transactions, specifically loans due and their payments, for people as well as businesses. The bureaus then give credit ratings or scores based on this study.

These credit scores/ratings are an integral part of the loan process and are heavily relied upon by lending institutions such as banks, NBFCs, and others. Lenders check the credit score of each applicant before giving loans.

Bank account verification

Digital banking is on the rise.givfin verifies and authenticates your bank account while reducing risk. Account validation and verification happens in real-time without the need for micro-deposits, routing numbers, or bank account numbers. Additionally, account linking is intuitive, fast, and secure for a better user experience with givfin.

Benefits of Bank Account Verification

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Business rules engine

givfin prides itself with its business rule engine. A business rules engine is popular as organisations look for ways to automate manual processes, thus saving time and money. This is a neccessity for automation in the digital economy. Businesses need a tool that can make decisions based on data from multiple sources and givfin’s business rule engine enables this for your lending institution.

Benefits of Business Rules Engine

High efficiency

The biggest benefit of using business rule engines is that they help make processes more efficient.

Increased precision

The software system ensures that everything is verified and all inputs are valid before performing any actions.

Compliance and auditing

Business rules engines help companies stay in compliance with regulations such as GDPR & HIPPA.

Better Flexibility

The ability to make changes to the application without having to re-write code is extremely valuable.

Higher Productivity

Engines allow IT, professionals, and developers to work together more efficiently by eliminating the need for rework.

Increased Business Agility

BREs enable businesses to make changes faster than before, allowing them to react more quickly and efficiently.

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