Loan Origination System

givfin LOS is a loan origination system which automates and manages the lending process to address common challenges. An effective LOS will provide end-to-end digital loan processing, which is critical for efficiency, consistency, and scalability.

About the LOS

givfin LOS is a compilation of systems, solutions that automate commercial loan origination workflows for a financial institution. Its implementation leads to seamless processing of loans and improved borrower experience.

The lending landscape is increasingly competitive and the loan process is frustrating and time-consuming. A new age LOS can help your bank or credit union to automate and manage the end-to-end steps in the lending process – from generating the application to underwriting, approval, documentation, pricing, funding, and administration.

Automate the loan journey with givfin LOS ?

The givfin LOS is an end-to-end Digital Origination System which automates the entire loan journey at an omni-channel level. We build everything from work flow management to credit decisioning and ensure simplicity in user management.

Automate the loan journey with givfin LOS ?

Identifying Customer Needs

A modern day customer wants new types of credit, enable yourself with our platform.

Loan Application & Simulation

Manage multiple loan applications and their journeys by a click of a button.


Use data at scale to underwrite the right customer and provide them a digital journey.

Loan Decisions

Fast track the lending process by instant decisioning

Agreement Signing

Go paperless, go digital, let your customer be on their smartphone to avail a loan.

Fund Disbursement

Get to speed with our new age LMS and manage your assets faster and better .

Onboard borrowers faster with a fully automated loan origination system.

The givfin Loan Origination System is a comprehensive tool that will run all stages of the lending process, starting from data collection all the way to fund disbursement, automating all the steps in between. It is designed to meet the market’s need for digital and automated lending experiences.

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