Helping you track & identify defaulters using our data node analysis
across multiple channels and sources.

About C-trace

With C-Trace, we bring a platform that enables you to track and identify your defaulters. Our data node analysis scans through multiple channels and sources to provide you with all the reliable information, thus, helping to recover the unpaid loan amount.

We do understand that tracking defaulters is a tedious task. We, at C-Trace, are here to make it simple and efficient for you. Just provide us with the basic information and our system will bring you all the defaulters’ on a single dashboard.

C-Trace in 3 simple steps

All that our user has to do is upload the necessary details of the defaulter and in three simple steps the algorithm presents data of the said individuals.

Designed for efficiency

C-Trace report

Comprehensive data analysis and tracking report

C-Trace Dashboard

After extensive deep dive in to databases our AI will give you personalised dashboards on each individual defaulter or a set of defaulters.

Features and offerings

  • Self customizable and configurable system.
  • Add or remove data services as required.
  • Process single or batch of customers.
  • Run multiple batches of data in backend.
  • Customizable output data report.
  • Fully automated screening and match system.
  • Improved efficiency with multi-param match feature.
  • Role based access control for users.
  • Quick access dashboard for intuitive data and decisions.
  • Built to comply with Bank recovery policies.

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