Loan Management System

givfin LMS addresses the lending challenges of today and tomorrow with custom designed solutions..

About the LMS

givfin LMS enables digital transformation at a faster pace. A new age LMS system streamlines and automates loan collection, recovery, accounting and reporting which allows you to manage your customers better.

givfin Loan Management Software manages your audit trail. It automates Accounting, Tax & P&L. Its automated EMI payment reminders help to improve collections and ensure that payment is made on time.

Our cloud based platform is built for customisation and flexibility. Add features and modules in an instant. givfin understands your future, let us be part of your story.

givfin LMS - low code & customised

Our low-code configurable platform helps automate customer management operations, it digitises repayment options, and provides users with insights from data obtained from our LMS. The users just have to ask their customer needs and requirements to digitise all the processes on our Digital Lending LMS platform.

The benefits of LMS for lenders include:

Eliminating human error

An automated LMS ensures a paperless journey and makes sure that there are no human errors.

Preventing delays in payment

A data led approach provides users the power to enable their customers to pay on time.

Overdraft loan configuration

Customise the algorithms to enable short term credit facilities for timely cash flows.

Top-Up loan configuration

Configure the LMS to provide sizable sanctions to your loyal customer base.

Automated reporting

Compliance and auditing is automated to meet the regulatory standards of the day.

Increased revenue

Manage your assests digitally, be informed of their efficiency, and increase revenues

Collaborate in real time with key stakeholders and target a larger customer base.

Leverage our API 3.0 architecture to connect, accumulate, and accurately assess real-time information from a variety of sources both from within and outside your organization, and facilitate easy access to a higher pool of funds and a larger customer base from the comfort of your office..

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