Why we matter?

We enable lending institutions with paperless onboarding, realtime decisioning,
swift disbursement, Improve collections and reduce delinquency

About Us

If you are seeing this then curiosity has piqued your interest. At its core we are a platform that powers lending institutions into the era of digital transformation.

We are a data led business which powers the entire loan origination and management process. We verify, evaluate, process and manage the loan disbursal and its recovery. We also ready banks with accounting and reporting, thereby making them ever ready for RBI’s audit and compliance. There are over 500k financial institutions in India and less than 5 percent have been digitised.

We have embarked on that wonderful journey to digitise lending institutions and if you believe that fintech is your forte then come aboard our story. givfin’s team includes design thinkers, product experts and specialists in finance.

Our Story

givfin’s story is a culmination of the experience of three individuals who believe that the digitisation of lending institutions in India is near at hand.

The Covid-19 pandemic showed that digitisation was not a IT decision, but a business decision for lending institutions. The trio believe financial institutions have embraced core banking solutions, but not the energy and nimbleness of a fintech, to enable financial inclusion at scale. Today, lending institutions need the power of data to manage the life cycle of the loan.

Our Mission

We are a fintech platform for lending institutions to embrace the journey of digital transformation with our credit verification and evaluation solutions. Our platform can digitally manage loan origination, collections and recovery

Our platform enables lending institutions to have a seamless and convenient way to connect with their customers in the retail, SMB and agri segments

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